About us

We are a firm of accountants dedicated to providing the best support and advice for our clients. We understand that businesses and individuals are becoming more diverse in the demands from their accountant.

Whilst some clients only require an accountant who will deal efficiently and effectively with their compliance issues, other clients require much more involved services from periodic management information to completely outsourced finance function, and specialist tax planning. You can see a full list of our services here.

We have worked hard to build a skilled team of accountants to deliver the business support requirements that our clients demand and also to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate services.

Whilst we do not consider ourselves a specialist firm, we do have extensive experience with medical professionals, such as doctors and dentists, FCA registered businesses, charities and other specialist areas.

Our clients range across all sectors from manufacturing to barristers, and we are used to dealing with a wide range of clients from new start-ups and simple tax returns to large groups of companies.

Although a large proportion of our clients are based in the North West, we provide support to businesses and individuals based across the UK, from London to Scotland.

If you decide to use Topping Partnership for accountancy services you can expect a close relationship with the staff and partners, and support when you require it. Our testimonials show an example of the relationships we have with people and you can read them here.

For most of our services we use a fixed fee system and agree prices with clients before we start the agreed work. This means you won’t receive a surprise bill for services that you haven’t agreed to, and you can be confident that you will receive value for money.

If you want Topping Partnership to start helping support you please contact


Topping Partnership is a trading name of Topping Partnership (Accountants) Limited. Co House No : 11359154. Reg Office : Incom House, Waterside, Manchester, M17 1WD.