Auto enrolment changes – are you compliant?

Oct 5, 2017 | Uncategorized

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by Georgina Russell 


From October 1 2017 auto enrolment duties have changed. The day your first employee starts work is the day your legal duties begin.


If your first employee started work between 2 April 2017 and 30 September 2017. The date you set up your PAYE scheme with HMRC will determine your duties.

For more detailed guidance please visit the pension regulator website.


If you are considering if auto enrolment applies to you and you have at least one employee the answer is yes, eligible staff must be placed into a workplace pension scheme.


Eligible staff are those aged between 22 and state pension age and earning over £10,000, £833 per month or £192 per week.


As an employer, your duties continue after the initial set up, the pension scheme must be managed and details of staff monitored to ensure compliance, and accurate records kept.

In addition, every three years employees not in the pension scheme must be re enrolled.


While the above is only a snapshot and may seem like a minefield, it is manageable and free guidance and support is available on the Pensions regulator website noted above.


Alternatively, we are a friendly bunch and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.


We are able to set up pension schemes with the People’s Pension and NEST and if we process your payroll we can deal with the monthly obligations.


If you require any assistance with auto-enrolment then please contact us.  

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